North Korea returns remains of 55 US service members

North Korea's remnants of US troops returned after six decades, Trump asks Kim-thank you

Seoul, Reuters. North Korea returned the remnants of US soldiers killed during the Korean War six decades later. Last month, it was agreed in a historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong.
North Korea returns remains of 55 US service members
North Korea returns remains of 55 US service members

This move of North Korea is being considered as an important step towards fulfilling the promises made in the meeting with Trump. Trump also thanked Kim for stating it was a big success. US officials say that this will also make progress in the nuclear talks between the two countries.

On Thursday, a US Army Airplane carrying a 55 box arrived at the base of Oisan, South Korea, from North Korean city of Wonison. It is being told that these boxes contain remnants of soldiers. These are symbolized by the United Nations.

Trump tweeted this as a big success, "It will be a great opportunity for many families. Kim Jong thank you. ' Upon reaching the United States, their forensic examination will be done to confirm the residue. South Korea also appreciated the move and said that it will strengthen the trust between the United States and North Korea.

These remnants have been returned on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Treaty that ended in the war of 1950 to 1953. In this war, China had helped North Korea. Whereas, South Korea participated in the war with the US-led military team under United Nations Command. Three lakh 26 thousand soldiers of America joined the war. About 5300 of them died in North Korea. Thousands of soldiers did not know anything.

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