how to sell an annuity

how to sell an annuity

Annuity is not always an easy sale - lack of overall awareness of financial misbehavior and poor guidance, along with how they work, has created weak reputation in the eyes of many consumers.

Principal CLU, CLU says, Stephen A. Place, advisor to financial group in Bethesda, Maryland, "The market is full of negative presses about annual annuities." "However, in the last few years, the media has seen it more favorable to use annuities to fund retirement income, but annually is a complex product. As a relatively simple form of premium, immediate annuity may be some moving parts I have always seen, marketing of annuity as part of the process. "
how to sell an annuity
how to sell an annuity

We asked many consultants, marketers and experts to share their marketing strategies and success stories of annuity sales. Their answers are far-reaching and suggest capitalization and annuity facilities, customer fears, virtual meetings, marketing themselves, and when appropriate, clients do not invest in annuity.

Accept prestige

"I have had great success in the customer's retirement plan.When the customer understands what the annuity really is, you will be able to get the right of annuity for 'very expensive for annuity'. Our general practice will be retirement in the customer's income Annually from about 20 percent to 30 percent, which increases diversity in the customer's portfolio and provides 'anchor' for retirement

Lead with plan

"I never lead the product. I always lead with the plan, there is a different role in the three different scenarios of annuity. For all these scenarios, we start with a bucket scheme, only Then there is more money involved.

1. For a customer who needs an income source in the 'soon' bucket, we use annuities for a safe income stream, which later provides 'horizon of time' for development. We believe that 'sequence of risk' - the risk of income from investment during downtime

2. For those customers who are worried about withdrawing money in retirement, we use annuities in 'later years' to make personal pension. It provides stability in the plan by giving them income that they can not go outside.

3. Customer status is pending, we use annuity with riders for things like income replacement or LTC

Customers Receive for Review

"I put a straightforward, straightforward seminar for the masses.Once a person becomes a customer, I find them on an annual basis to review their policies. It is astonishing that when we serve, how many today Find opportunities! "
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