Hillary Clinton Age and Full Biography

Hillary Rodham Clinton Age

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Democrat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is the junior senator from America's New York Province. She is the wife of US President Bill Clinton and she was the first woman from 1993 to 2001. Hillary was the Democratic Party's leading candidate for the US presidential position in 2008.

Birth: 26 October 1947 Hillary Clinton/Age 70 

Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947, the first child of Dorothy and Hug Rhodom. Hillary's childhood was very pleased and disciplined in Illinois. He was especially loved by the game and the church. He was a student leader and was a member of National Ocean Society. Parents encouraged them to study with hard work and to choose any career of their choice.

Hillary Clinton Age and Full Biography
Hillary Clinton Age and Full Biography

While studying at Wellesley College, Hillary learned the matrimonial educational and school administration. In 1969, he enrolled at Yale Law School, where he worked with the Yale Law Review and Social Action Board of Editors. The same was his gift to Bill Clinton. The library was often visited by both, the same was the first time he also talked. After this he started appearing in political campaigns. After graduation, she joined the Children Defense Fund and Clinton got engaged in her political career.

After marriage in 1975, Hillary attended the Arkankas Law School University. In 1978, he was appointed by President Jimmy Carter at the Board of Legal Service Corporation and became the Governor of Clinton Arkansas. In 1980 his daughter Chelsea was born. Family, Law and Public Service - Hilary handled all these areas together. He became the President of the Arkanassa Advocate for Educational Standards Committee. After joining the National Health Care Reform, he became active on the side too.

To share his experience as First Lady, he wrote a column called "Talking It Over". He also wrote some books on whose recordings he was awarded the Grammy Award. Although public activity was sometimes a center of controversy, there was no shortage of supporters. He was committed in the issues of women and children. He was elected the New York Senator on November 07, 2000. In 2008 and 2016 she also contested the election of the US president but could not complete her dream of becoming America's first woman president.
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