Barack Obama remembers Nelson Mandela on gestational trips

Barack Obama remembers Nelson Mandela on gestational trips

Barack Obama said without asking the name of Trump that power is sitting weak on democratic institutions
Before leaving the White House, the former American President described Mandela as a pragmatic first political speech
Obama said, 'the whole world must be united to protect tolerance and democracy'
He also said that today's time is unstable and uncertain, the world is in a difficult period
Barack Obama remembers Nelson Mandela on gestational trips
The first was political speech after leaving the White House

Former US President Barack Obama remembered his fight against apartheid at the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela. After leaving the White House, in his biggest political speech, the former American President named him Donald Trump for his name. He said that the whole world is living in an uncertain and unstable time right now. At such time the institutions are being weakened under conspiracy and thought-provoking tactics.

He bowed down to Nelson Mandela, who was praised for his campaign against apartheid throughout the world. The former US president said that Mandela fought a lifetime struggle to preserve democracy, diversity and tolerance. In today's era, the relevance of their ideas has increased even further. He also said that people must work together to keep Mandela's ideas and ideals alive.

Barack Obama, honored with the Nobel Peace Prize by saying, 'We are cursed to live in an uncertain and weird phase'. He said that newspapers like these days are becoming news headlines, reading them is tragic and troublesome. It is believed that he was criticizing Trump's strict policies in gestures.

Obama said, "People sitting on power are trying to weaken every institution and we are all looking at this. The truth is that these institutions only make democracy meaningless. Our ancestors have saved democracy with great struggle and we have to continue working in this direction. '
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