Wife told Vigra's rule, husband filed a case against pharmacy

New YorkWife told Vigra's rule, husband filed a case against pharmacy

An American CVS pharmacy has told his wife about the secret of taking a viagra of a man. Now this person has done the case on CVS Pharmacy. The man is alleged that his marriage was ruined due to the opening of this secret.

Michael Feenberg bought Viagra with the CVS pharmacy at Marrick Road last time. Michael also told the pharmacy that he would pay differently for these pills and not be billed in the insurance. According to the prescription, according to the prescription, the 100 mg of 8 viagra tablets were to be taken.

According to the information given to New York Post, Michael specifically told the CVS employee that the Viagra bill should not be filled by insurance. Fenberg claimed that a few days later his wife called the pharmacy for his medicines and the employee told his wife about his Viagra tablets.

In the court, Fenberg claimed that because of this disclosure, his marriage broke up. However, it was not told how the marriage was broken. Fenberg has said that the pharmacy has violated their privacy because CVS has informed their wife about their healthcare details without asking them. Fenberg also alleged that due to this sentence, he suffered mental and emotional harm.
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