US overconducts Canada Mexico and EU exemptions

US overconducts Canada, Mexico and EU exemptions


Trump administration finishes discounting to neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico
Canada, Mexico and European Union also threatened retaliation
The US had imposed the import duty on steel and aluminum to prevent China's industry.
This policy of the Trump administration is now affecting its close friends.
Trump Administration Imposed Tariffs On Steel

The US has exempted the exemption of fees from steel and aluminum imported from the European Union (EU), Canada and Mexico. According to the announcement by US Commerce Minister Willber Ross, this concession will end on June 1. After this, the EU, Canada and Mexico have threatened to retaliate.

US President Donald Trump announced in March about 25 per cent of steel and 15 per cent import duty on aluminum. On April 30, he had extended temporary concession for these countries for 30 days, so that the dialogue between the two sides could reach any conclusion.

Ross said there was no special progress in talks with the US. In the NAFTA talks with Canada and Mexico, it is taking longer than expected. By the way, the US had put 25 per cent steel and aluminum 15 per cent import duty to check the Chinese industry. His policy is also affecting his close friends and allies.

On this, Ross said that it is wrong to say that America  is targeting someone. China is still importing steel and aluminum. After the US announcement, the EU said that it is a bad day for business today. EU Chief Jean Claude Junker said in Brussels that the EU will soon make a counter declaration against a stringent US charge. Mexico threatens retaliation

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On the other hand, US President Donald Trump says that there is no other alternative than the balanced agreement on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Mexico and Canada are continuing to negotiate with NAFTA again. In a statement, the President said that in the case of trade America has been benefited for several decades but that day has now come to an end.

Trump said, "The message to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been confirmed that America will agree only on a balanced agreement or there will be no compromise." Justin earlier, US Deputy President Mike Pains was responsible for the interruption of NAFTA's negotiations. Have stopped According to his (Justin), Pence demanded an agreement which would end in five years itself.
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