Us Defence Secretary Jim Mattis Warns of Consequences if China Continues Intimidation and Coercionl

US Defense Secretary Matisse warns China of showing hatred in South China Sea

US Defense Secretary Matisse warns China of showing hatred in South China Sea
Last month, China launched a bomber plane on Woody Island of the South China Sea. Besides, training of Chinese soldiers was also given

Singapore, Reuters / AFP The US has asked China to show any kind of threats in South China Sea. US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse warned on Saturday that his country wants to create a result based relationship with China. But, if China continues to insist on the South China Sea, then the US is ready to respond if needed. Matisse said this while addressing the Shangri-La Dialogue.

This statement of the US Defense Minister has come on such occasions when tension has increased in the relations between the two countries regarding the South China Sea. Matis, who visited Beijing this month, said that China is opposing openness of every kind in this maritime area. This is against our policy. We will continue to try to restore results and constructive relationships with China.

It is notable that last month China had launched bomber aircraft on Woody Island in the South China Sea. Apart from this, training of Chinese soldiers was also given. Vietnam and the Philippines have expressed concern over this. On May 12, a picture taken by the satellite revealed that China had also deployed a surface-to-air missile on Woody Island. Matis said that unlike China claims, it is clear from the deployment of weapons that he wants to work with threats and forcefully in the area.
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