Us Arrests Dia Officer Ron Rockwell Hansen For Trying to Spy for China

Dia officer arrested for selling US secret information with millions of rupees from China

Washington, Agency. American Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] officer Ron Rockwell Hansen has been arrested for spying for China. Ron is accused of selling US $ 8 million (about 5.5 million rupees) and secret information to China. Rone can be sentenced to life imprisonment after the charges are proved.

Although this is not the first case when a US official has been caught while spying for China. US Department of Justice reported that 58-year-old Ron was arrested by the Seattle International Airport. He was about to go to China along with the US secret information. Ron has worked in America's army too. He is a knowledge of Mandarin and Russian language. In 2006 the DIA had appointed Ron to recruit foreign intelligence and agent.

According to the FBI, Ron was in regular touch with the Chinese intelligence department. They had given a cell phone separately. The FBI investigated that between 2013 and 2016, Ron had a debt of crores rupees. During this period, he received financial assistance of several crores from China.
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