UK Made Easy For Indian Students From The Easy Visa Rules List

Britain eased visa rules for Indian students, announced easy 25 countries

UK Made Easy For Indian Students From The Easy Visa Rules List
On a list already covering countries like the US, Canada and New Zealand,

The UK Government has separated Indian students from the list prepared to facilitate the visa application process to enroll in the universities of the country. The government is facing people's resentment with this step. On Friday, changes to the immigration plan policy were introduced in the British Parliament. The UK Home Ministry announced the relaxation of the Tier-IV visa category for students of 25 countries.
The US, Canada and New Zealand are already included in the list. The Home Ministry has also included China, Bahrain and Serbia in the list. Students of these countries will have to look into the standards of education, finance and English language for entry into universities in the UK. This change will take effect from 6 July. These changes have been made to ease study of international students in the UK. Not to be in India's list means that Indian students applying for the same course will have to go through strict scrutiny and documentary process.

No change in the rule, but false notion

Sanam Arora, President of the National Indian Students' Association and Nationwide Association of Nation (NISAU) said that there has been no change in the application process for Indian students, but this decision will create false impression. Also, the question arises, will the British Government take similar decisions in favor of China and India in other cases? Sangh says that justice has not been done with Indian students.

Bilemoria described step as indictment of India

Lord Karan Bilmoria, President of the UK Council for International Student Affairs Affairs (UKCISA) described the government's move as an insult to India. He said that this will lead to false message in India. On one hand, Britain is talking about free trade with India after separating from Europe and the other side, taking such decisions for Indian students. However, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid lauded the new policies of the government.
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