Donald Trump says doctors ordered Melania not to travel with him

First lady will not be able to travel for a month, foreign trip, Trump alone will be included in G-7

First lady will not be able to travel for a month, foreign trip, Trump alone will be included in G-7
Last month, the American First Lady Melaniya was diagnosed with kidney and the doctor advised her not to travel for one month.

Washington (agency). US President Donald Trump praised his wife and First Lady Melania Trump, saying, "He is the great First Lady." Trump told on Friday that he had a big operation which lasted four hours, but now he is fine. Trump said that in Canada and Singapore alone, the meeting will be attended because the First Lady has refused to travel for one month by the doctor.

He said, 'Melania wanted to go. But the doctors said they could not go anywhere for a month. His big operation took place, which was about four hours long. Now they are better. 'Let's tell that there was noin (non-cancerous tumor) in melania kidney that has been removed.

According to a statement issued by First Lady's Office, on 14th May, he was admitted to Walter Reed National Medical Center for the treatment of kidney. He had to stay for four days here. On May 19, they returned to the White House. Spokesperson Stephanie Grisham refused to give additional information and said that medical privacy is the first lady's right. In the mail on Friday, Grisham said, "The statement that I issued on May 14 was correct. Mrs. Trump was successfully treated. They are fine but can not travel abroad anymore. '

Melania trump has not been publicly seen for treatment for a long time. There was also speculation about Melania that her husband left the trump.

Melania was last seen on May 10 between the general public, when the US President and three American soldiers were welcomed from them, who were released from North Korea. Four days after the White House announced that Melania had been hospitalized for treatment due to kidney disease.
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