The World Has Seen More Than Enough Conflict: Trump

There have been many conflict in the world: Donald Trump

The World Has Seen More Than Enough Conflict: Trump
Our world has seen more than enough conflict. If there's a chance at peace, if there's a chance to end the horrible threat of nuclear conflict

US President Donald Trump said that the world has faced a major struggle and many things have to be done before implementing the Disarmament Agreement with North Korea, but the peace that comes with these efforts is priceless.

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Yun released a joint statement after the summit in Singapore on June 12, in which Pyongyang's commitment to work for full nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula was repeated. Trump said in a video message on Friday, "Our world has seen more and more conflict." If there is any possibility of peace, there is a possibility of ending the threat of nuclear conflict, then we should get it at all costs. American people, Korean people and people around the world are entitled to a safe and peaceful future.

Trump said that in the coming days, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo will work with North Korea directly to implement the nuclear disarmament agreement. Meanwhile, they will be banned. In a three-minute video message, Trump has also mentioned about his conversation with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

He said, "This conference has started a new relationship between the United States and North Korea and has opened the way for all the Korean-North and South futures."

He said that this talks also ended the unsuccessful approach of the former administration. Trump said, 'Our talks are very clear, honest and very rewarding. We will do something that will be better. This is a step toward North Korea's nuclear disarmament. I often say that North Korea nuclear disarmament is a very good word. '

The American president said, "During our talks, I emphasized the new prosperity, security and opportunity which is waiting for North Korea after nuclear disarmament. As I said in Singapore, Kim has a wonderful There is an opportunity to give a future. He said, 'Anyone can fight, but the most courageous person can make peace.'

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