Our Country’s Biggest Enemy Is The Fake News, Says Trump

Rainy Trump on the American Media, said- Dealing with Kim to reduce the deal

Trump Calls 'Fake News' America's 'Biggest Enemy'

Upon the return of home, the US President Donald Trump, excited by the historic meeting with Kim Jong-un, the ruler of North Korea, tweeted the meeting positive after tweeting. At the same time, after pulling up former US President Barack Obama to tell North Korea the biggest threat, he talked about the next attack on the media and said that the country's biggest enemy is Fake News.

They accused the American news channels NBC and CNN of running a fake news deal with North Korea. Trump tweeted, "It's fun to see the fek news, especially on NBC and CNN. They are engaged in a competition to reduce the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago, they seemed to be 'begging' for the deal - as if the war was going to happen. The biggest enemy of our country is Fake News, which is easily promoted by fools. '

It is to be said that after returning from Singapore on Wednesday, Trump has described his meeting with Kim Jong as interesting and also claimed that the US now has no threat to North Korea's nuclear weapons. They said, "We save good fortune by not playing war games, as long as we compromise with good faith - which both sides are doing."

He further attacked Obama, saying, "Before assuming my office, people used to believe that we are going to fight with North Korea. President Barack Obama had said that North Korea is the biggest and dangerous problem. Now no, take good night's sleep. '

It is notable that only a few months ago, both the leaders did not even refrain from using objectionable words like eccentric, crazy, old age, rocketmen, and threatened to attack the nuclear attack, while on the other hand, And Kim are talking about peace. Historical talks between Trump and Kim have been done to normalize relations between the US and North Korea and for complete nuclear disarmament in the Korea Peninsula. North Korea's ruler Kim after the meeting has promised complete disarmament of nuclear weapons. In return, America also guaranteed safety of North Korea.
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