Obama Played African American Card To Win Modi On Paris Climate Change: Book

In the last months of 2015, the then US President Barack Obama had congratulated the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for playing the African-American card and agreed to the Paris Agreement. In this agreement, India was finally able to persuade because it was hard for America to persuade Indian officials. This claim has been made in a book written on Barack Obama's presidential term. This book has been written by Ben Rhodes for 8 years, Obama's top-down policy and National Security Assistant.
Obama Played African American Card

In the book 'The World At It Is Is A A Memoir of the Obama White House', Rhodes wrote, "When we went to Paris, it was hard to celebrate India." Rods Obama's Deputy National Security Advice for Strategic Communications. Rhodes wrote, "On an opportune occasion in Paris, Obama himself went to talk to two Indian officials so that he could be persuaded to join India's agreements. But he failed to persuade both Indian officials. '

The book further states, 'After this, Obama spent nearly an hour in Paris with PM Modi. Unless Obama played the African-American card, no strategy was working. ' According to the book, "For nearly an hour, Modi continued to keep saying that in his country 30 million people are living without electricity and coal is the cheapest way to increase the Indian economy. They cared for the environment but they also had to worry about the people trapped in poverty. Obama talked about Modi's solar power generation, but he did not say anything on the partisan attitude due to this deal. The fact is that countries such as America have developed through coal and are now demanding from India to reduce its use.
Obama finally said, 'Look, I know that it is unfair, I am African-American.' Rhodes further wrote, "After listening to this, Modi laughed and started looking at his hands. He was actually looking into pain. ' Further in the book it has been written, 'Obama said that I know how it is to live in an unjust system. I know how to start from the back, there is no injustice like behaving like this. But I can not shape the thinking by influencing these reasons or you should do it. ' Rhodes has written that he never saw Obama talking to any leader like this. Modi lauded it. They looked up and agreed.
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