Nasa's Opportunity Rover Shutdowns After Dust Storm Hit Mars

Dust storms, NASA rover 'openings' off on Mars

Massive dust storm on Mars knocks out NASA's Opportunity rover
Massive dust storm on Mars knocks out NASA's Opportunity rover

NASA Operation Rover has stopped due to a fierce storm on Mars. American Space Agency has said that this unmanned vehicle in solar power has moved into shutdown mode and its entire system has gone offline, due to which concerns have increased due to its existence.

NASA said that due to the sudden heavy storm, the path of sun rays has been blocked on the red planet and the area of ​​dust spread over 1.4 million square miles (3.5 million square kilometers) in the area. John Kells, Project Manager of Operation, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that the unit was seen on Mars as a place called Parseverance Valley. Operation has gone to shutdown. We are waiting for the storm to end.

They said, "We are all worried about this, but hopefully the storm will end and Rover will be able to contact us again." On May 30th, the storm was detected and in recent days it was more dangerous that the robotic vehicle was last contacted. To find life on Mars, in the year 2003, two robotic boats were launched, called Operation and Spirits, they landed on Mars a year later.
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