Indian American Boy Wins National Spelling Bee Title

The Indian-American boy won the $ 42,000 cache on the correct spelling of the word

Indian American Boy Wins National Spelling Bee Title
Indian-American boy Karthik won the spelling contest in the US and earned $ 42,000.

Houston (agency) Indian-American boy has set a new record by winning a spell competition organized in the US. 14 year old Kartik Nimmani won the prestigious National Spelling Bee Competition Award With trophy, Karthik also received a cash prize of $ 42,000 as prize money. Tell him that he was asked to do the correct spelling of the word 'koinonia', which gave Kartik the victory when he gave the correct answer. Along with this, he became the 14th champion of the competition.

Apart from Kartik in the competition, another Indian-American student, Nyasa also participated. The last two children of Kartik and Naasya 516 spellar were survived, who were Indians. Karthik said that I believed that I would do this, but I did not think it would be true.

He told that he knew that he would spell the right. Kirtik was rewarded as prize money of $ 42,000, a New York and a Hollywood tour and a Pizza party for his school. By the end of the competition, 41 of the 516 contestants had reached. The 16 Finalists all had children from 11 to 14 years of age. There were 9 girls and 7 boys in it.

In addition to spelling, Karthik likes to play tennis and likes to see Chicago Bulls, he also loves robotics. It is said that National B Competition is a high-level spelling competition in which participants prepare for months to participate. Many people can be seen wearing headphones in front of a TV camera during the preparation. Spellers are mainly from Canada and America. For 93 years this competition is organized in Maryland's Convention Center and at the Gelord National Resort in the US.
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