Here’s How The Sun Will Die

Scientists estimate, one day will be 'DAT' forever

Here’s How The Sun Will Die
  •                    Here’s How The Sun Will Die

Some scientists have predicted a great deal about the sun. They say that after 10 billion years, Suraj interstellar will become a shining ring of non-dust and dust. This process is known as Planetary Nebula (Planetary Nebula). The Planetary Nebula indicates the expiration of 90 percent of all stars.

Although for many years the scientists were not sure that the sun in our galaxy would end in a similar way. Regarding the sun, it was considered that its weight is so low that it is difficult to become a neo-nihara of planets that can be made visible. In order to detect this possibility, the team of scientists developed a new data-format planet, which can estimate the life cycle of a star. The model is used to estimate the brightness of the planet.

University of Manchester's Albert Jillerta said, "When a star is on the verge of ending, it leaves a cave of gas and dust in space, which is called its envelope. This envelope can be nearly half of the weight of the star. ' He said, "The envelope released by the star's hot part of the star appears to be shining brightly for nearly 10,000 years. From this, the nebula of the planets is clearly visible. 'It has been shown in new formats that after leaving the envelope, the stars get hotter three times faster. This makes it easy to create a bright nebula for low loaded stars like sun.
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