Harvard University Accused Of Racially Discriminating Against Asian-American Students

Case against Harvard on racialism with Asian fundamental students

America's prestigious Harvard University is accused of being a racist with American students of Asian descent in the curtain. The university has been prosecuted for this. It is said that American students of Asian descent were given a lower number compared to other candidates on positive personality scale.

According to a New York Times report, the 'Fair Admission Student' (SFA) organization has sued 388-year-old university for discrimination with Asian applicants. SFA analyzed enrollment data of more than 1,60,000 applicants for enrollment between 2000 and 2015. The applicants of Asian descent found in this were given fewer points on personality-related standards such as choice, courage, generosity, social prestige etc.

SFA said that American applicants of Asian descent have performed better on scale, such as checks, grades, additional activities, etc. than any other applicants, but it became difficult by giving less nomination on their personality-based scale. The document, filed in court, states that Harvard had conducted an internal investigation of the process of entry in 2013, in which case of discrimination was faced with students of Asian descent, but this report has never been made public.
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