America is dominated by the US, Pentagon made a space force: Donald Trump

Dominance of America, Pentagon creates a space force: Donald Trump

Washington [AFP] America will make a space force to make its impact in space. The directive was given by President Donald Trump to the US Department of Defense Pentagon. Space Force will be the sixth branch of the US Army.

President Trump has asked to start the process of creating a space force from the Pentagon immediately. Trump said, 'We have an Air Force, but we have to go ahead of it, create a space force. Space Force will also be like Air Force. When it comes to America's security, we have to see that America's influence is the highest. This statement of Trump has come during the National Space Council meeting under the chairmanship of Vice President Mike Pence.

America is not an intruder camp
President Trump made it clear that America is not a camp of infiltrators, where they stay as long as they want. He has correctly stated his new immigration policy in which illegal children are being separated from their children. There is a huge opposition to this policy of Trump.

Trump said that the offenders are making the way for the children to enter the United States, they are coming forward and they are coming to America. They are coming into the United States to give birth to children so that they can get a chance to stay here. Trump said that America is not a camp of intruders and there is no refugee facility for them. Trump said this during a meeting at the White House.
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