24 weeks after the first glimpse of America's First Lady Melinia,

24 weeks after the first glimpse of America's First Lady Melinia, the pauses on rumors

Washington American President Donald Trump's wife Melina Trump appeared among the public after three weeks. Indeed, America's first woman Melina had joined a military family program organized in the White House on Monday. After this, the speculation about them has been stopped. Journalists were not given injunction to cover the Gold Star ceremony organized to honor military families on behalf of the White House. In fact, more than 40 people would have seen Mrs. Trump, in which military families or administrative officials would have been involved, while the rest of the people saw their glimpse on social media.
The rumors about America's first woman, Melina Trump, were paused when she attended a military official's program.
The rumors about America's first woman, Melina Trump, were paused when she attended a military official's program.

Melanie was looking beautiful

The son of former officer Christian, who attended the ceremony said that he was looking very beautiful. The death of Christian officer Christian was done in 2013, when he was posted in Afghanistan. President Trump's funny story on the news about wife Melinia that his wife has left him. But they are doing fine. After this, many types of photos were posted by Melina, in which she was seen sitting with the President.

Melina was shown on May 10

Melina was last seen on May 10 between the general public, when the US President and three American soldiers were welcomed from them, who were released from North Korea. Four days after the White House announced that Melinia had been hospitalized for treatment due to kidney disease. In fact, in the presence of Melania, the best truman was seen with Trump, due to which many speculation about the melinas in the media went on.

When will melina

According to spokesman Stephen Grisham, Mrs. Trump spent five days in the hospital, after that on May 19, she was away from the public eye. According to the spokesman, he is meeting officials with the upcoming project. The Gold Star ceremony was very important for Mrs Trump. But it is not clear now that when Melina will look among the general public. He is scheduled to join President Trump in the annual meeting with the global leaders this week in Canada and next week there is no schedule for meeting with President Trump with the North Korean chief.

Air getting rumors

His absence in common ceremonies is giving rise to many speculations. But no action is being taken from the first lady to stop the rumors. Perhaps she is a different woman in her own way. This was indicated at the time when he decided to stay in Trump Tower in January 2017. Such decision was taken by Melina due to her son's schooling. Trump had become President of America at that time. He and his son officially shook the White House in June.

Melina remained top model

Let us tell you that America's first woman, Melinaia, has already been America's top model. She is the first such woman who has not been born in America. They are actually of Slovenian origin. Born in Yugoslavia, the mother tongue of English is also not English. Apart from their mother tongue, Slovak, they speak English, French, Serbian and German. There have been rumors and speculation over the relationship between Melania and Trump many times. Recently, the news of giving a huge amount of money to establish a relationship with Trump's Playboy, Y's model and keep him quiet was enough.

Controversies on photos

Let me also tell you that during the presidential election of Trump, the American newspaper had raised controversy by publishing photos of Melinaia. These photographs were taken in 1990 when they used to do modeling. That person was 25 years old. These photos were taken for a men's magazine of France, which is now closed. These photographs were taken by French photographer Elle de Basel. It was a lot of noise and Trump had been quite opposed to it. Melanie met billionaire Trump during the New York Fashion Week in 1998. Both of these were married in 2005.
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