Will not change the Kim-Trump day

Will not change the Kim-Trump day, everything will be on schedule!

 It is believed that US President Trump can once again give his approval to Kim Jong, who met him in Singapore. The preparations for this meeting are going on smoothly and senior US officials have also left for Singapore to take stock of the situation. Hyprophilic the eyes of the whole world are resting on this meeting. Earlier, Trump had announced to withdraw from this meeting, on which North Korea expressed disappointment. North Korea was told that he is ready for this meeting anywhere. Meanwhile, a team of officials led by Sung Kim, who was the US Ambassador to South Korea, has reached North Korea. This team will outline the synergy between the two countries on the dialogue. Sung is considered to be an expert on negotiating nuclear matters. Their coming here is also very special in this regard because only a few days ago, North Korea had ended its bomb attack site with a bomb. Kim's decision was considered to be a positive attitude towards North Korea moving towards peace.
Will not change the Kim-Trump day
Will not change the Kim-Trump day

After this, South Korea's President Moon J. met with a sudden meeting with Kim Jong, the head of North Korea. This meeting has taken place in a very good environment. The meeting between the two leaders was met for the second time in Seamant village Panamunjom. Meet Kim Jong and Moon Jie in the meet, kiss each other while showing love The talks between the two leaders took place on the Korean Peninsula to make nuclear free and eliminate the hostile relationship between the two Koreas.

After this, Moon said that Kim is ready to make his nation free of nuclear weapons. After this, the Trump has expressed its hope for this meeting again. Significantly, the US pressure is on leaving North Korea's nuclear weapons. Two days back, Moon returned to Seoul in the US with President Trump.

Uncertainty surrounding the meeting

However, among the uncertainty surrounding the meeting, the experts are also convinced that the US does not have any clear policy regarding North Korea. So America is taking any decision without thinking. Harsh V Pant, Professor of Observer Research Foundation, believes that it will be very clear to see what America has for North Korea's policy. This is because no country can threaten the other by talking about talks on the table, as is being done on behalf of the United States.

Kim's praise in Trump's letter

While canceling the proposed summit of June 12 in Singapore, President Trump had recently written to Kim Jong, but had expressed his hope of meeting. It was written- If Kim Jong wanted, then he could give a message to the meeting to call the letter. North Korea did not react strongly to this letter of Trump In this regard, the Trump Administration said North Korean was not responding to the meeting and the summit was canceled. After this Trump said that the communication line between the two countries has been opened. The American president said, 'We will see what happened. We are talking to them now. They want to negotiate. We would also like to do it. "In response to a question, he said," It can happen on June 12. "Asked if North Koreans are playing, Trump said, 'Yes, he .. he too. Everyone plays. You know this. '
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