Where are you going to give your life 104 years old scientist

Where are you going to give your life 104 years old scientist

Where are you going to give your life 104 years old scientist
Where are you going to give your life 104 years old scientist

On Wednesday, 104-year-old scientist David Goodall left his home in Australia and left for the other end of the world to finish his life.

David Goodall is the eminent scientist of Botany and Ecology.

They do not have any major illness but they want a respectable end to their life. They say that their freedom is snapping and that's why they have taken this decision.

On his birthday last month, he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, "I have regrets coming to this age. I am not happy, I want to die. This is not really going to be sad but it would have been better if it was Can go. "

After a long-standing dispute, in the last year, Australia has given legal recognition to 'Assisted Dying' in a state. But for this a person should be seriously ill.

Dr. Goodall says that he will voluntarily go to a clinic in Switzerland to finish his life. However, he is concerned about leaving Australia to do so.

Always been active life

London-born David Goodall lived alone in his small flat in Perth, Western Australia a few weeks ago.

He quit his job in 1979 but after that he was constantly engaged in field work. In recent years, he edited the 30 volume "Series of Ecology of the World" series.

At the age of 102, in 2016, he won a legal battle in relation to working in campus at Edith Cowan University in Perth. Here he was working as an honorary honorary research associate.

Left Australia

On his journey out of Australia on Wednesday, his friend Carol O'Neal will be accompanied by Dr. Goodall who is a representative of Assisted Dying Advocacy Group Exit International.

Carol O'Neal points out that the university had concerns about the health, safety and well-being of Dr Goodall. Although in this case Goodall won and he started working from one place near his house. But he was very impressed with the controversy related to his work.

She says, "It was just the beginning of the end."

"He could not meet old colleagues, he did not have the desire to work before and he started packing his books. This was not the beginning of his happiness."

Dr. Goodall took the decision to finish his life after an incident last month. One day he fell to his house and did not see anyone for two days. After this the doctors decided that they need 24 hours of care and they have to be hospitalized.

Carol O'Neil says, "He is an independent person, he does not want anyone around him, he does not want any stranger to take care of him."

Why chose Switzerland?

Switzerland has recognized 'Assisted Death' since 1942. Many other countries have voluntarily made laws to eliminate their life, but for this serious illness has been kept as a condition.

The Australian Medical Association strongly opposes the 'Assisted Dying', and considers it to be immoral.

Dr. Michael Gannon, president of the Association, says, "Doctors are not taught to kill people, it is wrong to do so." This thinking is deeply related to our training and ethics. "

Carol O'Neil says, "Dr. Goodall wants to depart peacefully and with respect to this world, he is not sad or unhappy, but now he does not want to live in the same way as before."

An online petition has deposited 20,000 Australian dollars for Dr. Goodall to travel to Europe in Business Class. Before going to Switzerland, Dr. Goodall will meet his family in France and travel further with his relatives.

Dr. Goodall says, "An old man like me should have complete civil rights including 'Assisted Death'."

He told ABC, "If a person wants to take his life, then no other person should interfere in it."
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