US Military Plane Crashes, 9 People Dead

US military plane crashes, 9 people dead

US military plane crashes, 9 people dead
US military plane crashes, 9 people dead

A U.S. military aircraft crashed just before landing in Savannah Airport, Georgia. There were nine people from the US military in this plane. American officials had confirmed 5 deaths earlier, but considering the magnitude of the crash, now everyone is expected to die.

According to officials, the C-130 Hercules Cargo Plane of Puerto Rico Air National Guard was hit by accident at around 9 pm on Wednesday night. After the explosion in the video footage, the plane was seen falling down in the fire shawl. Officials said earlier that 5 crew members of the aircraft died, but later it was informed that other people were also boarded.

Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Major Paul Dallen said that there were 9 crew members, including 5 crew members and 4 additional passenger passengers. He told that 4 others were also members of the military. Although Dallen has not confirmed all these deaths immediately, but he said that the pictures of the crash are just talking about everything.

American President Donald Trump also tweeted his condolences with relatives of the deceased. According to Dalyen, the plane was nearly 50 years old and was going for maintenance. Plane is being told in good condition, although the investigation of this case is still going on.

In the recent past, the US military has had to face two-four ship accidents. In the past weeks, an F-16 plane crashed near Las Vegas, in which Pilot died. Just a day before a Navy helicopter crashed in southern California, where 4 crew members died.
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