Us Delegation In North KoreaTo Prepare For Summit With Kim

United States reached North Korea for preparations for Singapore summit: Trump

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that a US team has reached North Korea to prepare the preparations before Kim Jong-il before his possible talks with him. Their statement indicates that on June 12, the proposed talks are on track. Trump tweeted, "Our American team has reached North Korea to arrange a summit between Kim Jong-inn and me."
To Prepare For Summit With Kim

The United States has not announced the names of the members of the delegation. But Washington Post has reported that Sung Kim, former US Ambassador to South Korea, has been called to lead the preparations. He is also an angel in the Philippines. CNN has reported that Sung Qin's presence is a clear indication that the talks between the two leaders are on track. There was a summit between Trump and Kim on June 12 in Singapore. But after a North Korea threatened not to join the summit in a statement last week, suddenly Trump had canceled the talks. Immediately after the announcement of Trump, North Korean leaders had said that they were ready to do summit anytime and anywhere.
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