Trump to Leak News of White House's Traitorous Coward ton

Trump to leak news of White House's 'traitorous, coward' ton

US President Donald Trump criticized the people who leaked information about the White House's internal discussions, calling them "traitors and cowards". He wrote on Twitter: "The so-called Leak Fake News media being organized by the White House is being widely reported by the media, whose purpose is to show us as bad as possible."
Donald Trump Says White House Leakers Are 'Traitors, Cowards
Donald Trump Says White House Leakers Are 'Traitors, Cowards

Trump said, 'And those who leak with it are traitors and cowards and we will find them.' The American President did this tweet after the new leak from White House. The news leaked that Kelly Sandler, a White House communications colleague, has made insensitive comments against Sen. John McCain, suffering from brain cancer. During an internal meeting last week, Kelly dismissed the protest against nomination of Jinnah Haspell for McCain's CIA director, saying, 'It does not matter because they are dying anyway.' Kelly later apologized to the McCain family.
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