Trump Congratulates Putin On His Inauguration

Donald Trump congratulates Putin on oath

 Trump Congratulates Putin On His Inauguration
  • Trump Congratulates Putin On His Inauguration

US President Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin for taking oath as Russia's President for the fourth time. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said at her regular press conference on Monday, "The President congratulated them, and wished to have such a time when our relations with Russia could be better. However, the United States believes that everyone has the right to be gathered peacefully and to speak. "

Sara reiterated here that the Democratic Party is using Russian intervention as an excuse to defeat the 2016 presidential election. He said, 'I think that he thinks that the idea of ​​betterment of relations should continue.' He said, 'The fact is that even after one and a half years, most of the time has passed after it is talking about it. It also believes that it can affect the elections of 2018
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