Trump Annoyed with Kim's Statement Canceled Singapore Meeting

US President Donald Trump on Thursday canceled the meeting scheduled to be held on June 12 with North Korean leader Kim Jung. This information has been given in a letter issued by White House. In the letter, Trump said in the letter, "I was quite hopeful to be there with you, but sadly that in recent statements, there was tremendous anger and open hostility. I think it is not ok to fix this meeting on such occasions. "
Trump annoyed by Kim's statement
Trump annoyed by Kim's statement

Let North Korea declare US Vice President Mike Pence an ignorant and stupid to warn North Korea on the issue of summit with US President Donald Trump. In fact, during a conversation with reporters on Monday, Pence warned North Korean leader Kim Jong and warned him that it would be a huge mistake to trump and agree with him.

On this statement of Pence, North Korea's Foreign Minister, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chou Sun Hui said that he is an ignorant and stupid. Pence also said in his warning that if Kim Jong did not compromise them, North Korea's fate could be like Libya, whose leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by US-backed rebels. Cho issued a statement on this which has been published by the Government News Committee.

In the past, Trump had said that there is a strong possibility of meeting the June 12 meeting. Trump welcomed the South Korean President Moon J.-In and told reporters outside the White House, "We are moving together. We will see what happens. If it does not, then it will probably happen later. '

Significantly, North Korea canceled talks with South Korea last week. Actually, he did so angry with the joint military practice of South Korea and the United States. North Korea had said that the United States should take action against nuclear weapons
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