This Car is Going to Challenge the Sedan Segment, Know When will Launch

This car is going to challenge the sedan segment, know when will launch

This car is going to challenge the sedan segment, know when will launch

New Delhi (Auto Desk) Many sedan cars will soon be seen in the Indian car market this year and in the beginning of the next year, from which the launch of Toyota is soon to be launched, but sources say that Fiat is also working on a new sedan these days. Whose name will be Cronos. It is believed that this car will soon be seen in many other countries including India.

Considering the knowledge, the new chronos will replace Fiat Linia, it will be made more smart and advanced than Linia. For information, let us know that Fiat Cronos, the sedan of the Agro hatchback is an incarnation. Looking at the pictures, the design of the Kronos sedan and Agro hatchback is similar to the B-pillar. The sequence of change begins after the B-pillar. There is a change in the back door of the chronos. Due to being a sedan car, it has been given a boot space on the back side, which makes it different from the agro hatchback.

There is no news about the fate chronos in India. At present, no information has been received from the company, but it is being proposed that in the coming years, the company can take it out of the Indian market.

Who will fight?

The menu of sedan cars in India is getting bigger and customers have many good options, this segment will be available from existing Hyundai varna, Maruti Ciaz, Honda City and the soon-to-be-launched Toyota Yaris, in this new Kronos India. Know whether or not they will be able to make a special place.

The Next-Gen Hyundai Verna brings out the best of the brand's 'Fluidic' design philosophy. The sedan looks great from every angle, especially from the rear quarter. Most preferred by young families, the Hyundai Verna has also won the prestigious 'Indian Car Of The Year 2018' award. The car comes feature-loaded and has got two petrol engines and one diesel engine as options.
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