Talking to Kim on June 12, everything is going well.

Washington, Patriarch / AFP US President Donald Trump has announced the possibility of a meeting in Singapore on June 12 with Kim Jong, a North Korean leader. He said that expectations are moving very well in the direction of the summit. Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim also wants to end the confrontation phase in relations. They want to start the new era of peace and progress. This is what South Korean President Moon Je See said about meeting him on Saturday.
Talking to Kim on June 12, everything is going well.
Talking to Kim on June 12, everything is going well.

On the occasion of meeting Venezuelan freedom freed by the Venezuelan people, Trump said in the White House, "We are looking forward to June 12. Nothing has changed. All is moving forward in a very good way. We should see what happens on that day. We (America and South Korea) are trying their best to negotiate with North Korea. Trump said, if North Korean, South Korea, Japan, America, China not only managed to make the Korean Peninsula free from nuclear weapons, it would be great for the whole world. It is notable that after Wednesday's crackdown between the US and North Korea, Trump had canceled talks with Kim Jong in Singapore on Wednesday. But after that the restrained response of North Korea and the attempt of South Korea's President Moon changed the situation, once again there is a possibility of talks between Trump and Kim.

Kim ready to quit nuclear weapons

South Korea's President Moon Jei has claimed that Kim Kim, a North Korean leader, is ready to end his nuclear weapons. He now wants to start the era of peace and progress. Moon met Kim Jong, who was without a program on Saturday, and the two leaders were living in a cordial atmosphere for two hours. Prior to that, Moon met President Trump in the US on Tuesday.
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