Flexible Smartphone Samsung Galaxy X

Smartphones with Flexible Displays will be launched soon, unique features will be available.

flexible smartphone samsung
flexible smartphone samsung

The South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is going to launch a smartphone with a flexible display. This smartphone will be given a lot of unique features.

The name of this smartphone is named Galaxy X. Apart from this, the company claims that it will give a tough competition to the iPhone X.

Let me tell you, Samsung has been working on this smartphone since last year. About this, some tech gadgets have received information about the media on the media website.

According to some media reports, a smartphone with this foldable or flexible display will have 3.5 inch display outward and 3.5 inch display inside. In this way, a total of 7 inch display will be given in it.

It will be given an OLED display for folding. This smartphone can come with a waterproof feature. The sketch of this smartphone's display is also leaked, which is given below.

So far, there is not much information about its other features. But considering its features, it can be said that Samsung will keep its price quite a lot.
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