Singapore's Shangri-La or Hotel Marina Bay Can be in Kim-Trump talks

Singapore's Shangri-La or Hotel Marina Bay Can be in Kim-Trump talks, ongoing preparations

The preparations for the talks between American President Donald Trump and North Korea's Chief Kim Jong It is a different matter that the talks are still on the verge of uncertainty. However no disclosure has been made about the place of this meeting. At the same time, there is a possibility that this meeting can be held in Singapore's most popular and luxurious hotel Shangri-La or Marina Bay Sands. These two hotels can become the first choice for this conversation. This is also because unprecedented security arrangements have been made in both places and the visits of the officers are continuously remained there.

Room seals, security guards posted in plain uniform

Some rooms have been completely sealed in these two hotels. No one has been allowed to come to this side. Not only this, there is a full look of security personnel on these rooms. Here the journalists covering the news related to this talk are also being registered. Tell you that senior officials of South Korea, including many US and North Korea, are working continuously for this talks. The security forces have been deployed in plain uniforms all around the hotel. Apart from this, the ambassadors of the two countries are also continuing to move on. Despite all this, nothing has been said about these two hotels yet. The information will be available in the media at the last minute.

Let us know that in June, a number of tourists come to Singapore. However, experts believe that the tourism here will not be affected by the talks between the two leaders. However, there may be some problem here, on the security of the huge frills. However, let us tell you that the talks between these two leaders are to be held in Singapore on June 12 and there is a continuation of preparation for this at other levels. Prior to this talks, US Ambassador to South Korea arrived in North Korea. He is also a nuclear weapon expert. He has come here to discuss the main points of the dialogue between the two leaders. Apart from this, a team of North Korea arrived in Beijing before going to Singapore under the leadership of Rei Son Guan. Gwon is looking at the complete preparations for the conversation between Kim-Trump. This team has been there for talks on security issues in Singapore. After this the team will be off to Singapore. Meanwhile, a US team has also left for Singapore. This team has gone to Singapore under the leadership of Deputy Chief of Staff for Operation Joe Hagen.

Hope the world talks

Let me also tell you here that the whole world is looking at this dialogue and all the countries want it to be a positive solution. North Korea's President Moon, while giving information on recent meetings with Kim, said that it is better to sit and talk on specific issues without hesitation. This also creates a positive atmosphere. At the same time, North Korea has demanded its security in lieu of nuclear weapons, in relation to the meeting with Trump. At the same time, China has appealed to North Korea and the United States to have this conversation in a friendly environment and both leaders fully demonstrate restraint so that the path of peace can not be stopped. Let me tell you here Trump had written a letter to North Korea last week and canceled it. In this letter, Trump had written that the meeting is "inappropriate" at this time because North Korea has allegedly declared 'openly hostile and resentful'.
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