Savita Halappanavar Abortion Legalise In Ireland How An Indian Woman Made Irish Vote To Legalise Abortion

Ireland: 'India's daughter' shakes away, Opposition polls prepare to end the ban on abortion


Referendum to remove ban on abortion in Ireland.
66.4% people support the ban on abortion
After the death of Indian Savita Halappanwar, the mob was attacked.
Death in 2012 was not found on abortion.
Father's demand- Name of the new law on the name of daughter Savita Law.
 Savita Halappanavar Abortion Legalise In Ireland How An Indian Woman Made Irish Vote To Legalise Abortion
 Savita Halappanavar Abortion Legalise In Ireland How An Indian Woman Made Irish Vote To Legalise Abortion

Ireland has the most stringent laws against Abortion (abortion), but the results of a referendum against it on Saturday have given an opportunity to celebrate the household of one of India's daughters. In Ireland, 66.4% of respondents in the referendum to abort the ban on abortion supported it. According to the BBC's news, abortion is permitted only in the event of a woman's life threatening in Ireland and this is not the case of rape.

Struggle of Savita Halappanwar

In Belgaqui, Karnataka, Savita is very happy with the result of the referendum of the family of Hallepawnwar. Indian dentist Savita Halappanavar died in 2012 at the University Hospital Galway in Ireland, if she did not get permission for abortion. Despite repeated demands for abortion, they did not get permission.
He died due to septic respiratory infection (infection during pregnancy). His death triggered a new discussion on abortion in Ireland. Savita's father, Anandappa Yalgi, told her home in Belgaum, Karnataka that she is hopeful that the people of Ireland would remember her daughter.

"The name of the new abortion law - Savita Law"

Savita's father said, "I am very happy with this news. Our last wish is to keep the name of this new law in the name of his daughter and it will be made Savita Law. It should be on their name. ' In an interview with the Irish Times, he said, "I want to thank my brothers and sisters in Ireland for their vote. This is very important. Many women in Ireland have fought for it.

The family members of Savita had also released a video last week to vote in the referendum. In the video, Yalegi and his wife Akka Mahadevi had come to see a picture of their late daughter. In this video message he had said that we want that the pain that we have suffered for the past six years has not to be suffered by any other family.

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66 percent people support

Indian Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced the results of the referendum on Saturday. According to the first official report in this regard, the demand for cancellation of the amendment against abortion has received 66 percent support.

Varadkar said, 'People have expressed their opinions. He said that for a modern country a modern constitution is needed. He said that the Irish voters, their respect for the right decisions of women and the right decision in relation to their health, they respect and believe in them.
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