Pakistani Ambassador to be Held Hostage

Pakistani ambassador to be held hostage

Pakistan Virtually Holding Us Diplomat Hostage
Pakistan Virtually Holding Us Diplomat Hostage

Chidanand Rajghatta, Washington
The long-standing relationship between the US and Pakistan relations, which has been a long-standing friend, is increasing day by day. The diplomatic dispute strained between the two countries has increased further. In this sequence, Pakistan has kept the US ambassador almost mortgaged. Pakistan did not allow the ambassador to return home from the US military plane, and now the ambassador has been kept in solitary confinement in the US embassy, ​​where there are locks on both sides.

This week, the United States had sent the aircraft for the return of its ambassador Colonel Joseph Emmanuel Hall, but Islamabad did not allow it to happen. The hall is alleged to have hit a Pakistani citizen on 7 April after the Red Light Cross in Pakistan and his SUV collided with him.

From Hall's introduction letter it was revealed that he is an ambassador and therefore he has got many exemptions. This case is stuck in local courts, but Pakistan is not in the mood to let this matter go. Islamabad wants Washington to withdraw the exemption granted to the ambassador so that if it can be sued, at least the United States assured that a court case will be initiated after returning to the diplomat country.

However, the fundamentalist Pakistani are insisting that the Ambassador is prosecuted only in Islamabad. On this issue between the Trump and the Pakistani administration on Saturday, the C-130 Military Plane landed at the Noor Khan airbase of Rawalpindi from Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan to remove the ambassador.

But its information leaked to the Pakistani media and spread all over the country. When Colonel Hall reached Airbase with 8 other people from the US Embassy, ​​they did not get the approval to sit in the plane, it was clearly on the order of Pakistan's fundamentalist elements. The plane was finally sent back to Bagram.

Both sides refused to comment on the issue, but the Dawn newspaper published a news Sunday, titled 'US diplomat's bid to fly out of Pakistan foiled'. That is, the American ambassador failed to get out of Pakistan.

One day earlier, the Islamabad High Court had rejected the petition of the father of the victim Atik Baig, in which the government had been asked to give directions to the government to put the diplomat in the Exit Control List. Due to diplomatic discounts, the court asked the government to take the decision within two weeks whether Colonel Hall should be put in the Exit Control List or not.

Colonel Hall's identity card, shown in the media, shows that his diplomatic identity is valid only on May 31, 2018. In this case, trying to keep them in Pakistan till May 31.
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