NASA Drilling Success Curiosity Is Collecting Mars Rocks

NASA's success on Mars, digging on the rocks and collecting samples

American Space Agency NASA has successfully collected rock samples using a new method for digging the rock on a red planet within a year with the help of its Curiosity Rover.
At the end of last week, the Curiosity drill by two inches in a stone called 'Duluth'. In America, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is testing this drilling technique because Curiosity drill was offline in December 2016 due to this mechanical problem.
 NASA Drilling Success Curiosity Is Collecting Mars Rocks
 NASA Drilling Success Curiosity Is Collecting Mars Rocks

This technique, called feed extended drilling, has been excluded from the position of the last two stabilizers, which were originally used to keep the condition of martian rocks stable.

In JPL, Curiosity Deputy Project Manager Steve Lee said the team has used very simplicity to prepare a new drilling technology and apply it to any other planet.

Tom Green said, "We have been developing this new drilling technology for more than a year, but after we collected sampling on Mars, our work would not have been done. But with the help of new technology, we have been able to test new tests.
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