Know what is Nipah Virus how it spreads and measures to prevent

Know what is Nipah Virus, how it spreads and measures to prevent

These days, a panic of Nipah, a viral virus spreading in southern state of Kerala, has so far confirmed 12 people in Kerala that has been confirmed in 14 people.

What is nipah virus

It is a zoonotic virus that spreads to animals, its first case was found in the Nippah region of Malaysia, hence its name was Nippah.
Know what is Nipah Virus how it spreads and measures to prevent
Know what is Nipah Virus how it spreads and measures to prevent

It is of two types

The first NiVM that was found in Malaysia was the second NiVB found in Bangladesh, NiVB is more dangerous.

How is spread

1. In the human being from Chamagadar - in the cases till now, spread from the first bat to the boar again in the human beings.

2. In the human being - the fruits which are eaten by the virus affected by bats or they are exposed to their urine, they are either directly eaten or spread by their products.

3. From human to humans - this virus does not spread through the air, it spreads through direct contact of droplets that come directly from the human beings or coming out of coughing.

How it affects

It does not affect the human body for 4 to 14 days, it is called incubation period, although this period can also be 45 days.

After seeing the effect of the virus, there are no obvious symptoms that are common symptoms such as fever, headache, tiredness and body pain, which can confirm nipah.

After this, difficulty in breathing, encephalitis, burning sensation in the tissue of the brain, and the tissue of the brain is unusual, and then the encephalitis and seizure become fatal after being uncontrolled, so that the patient can go into coma in 24-48 hours and then die It happens.

No drug or vaccine, therefore the treatment is the only treatment

According to the WHO, experiments are being conducted on animals of feviprevir and ribvarin drug to prevent nipah viruses, but they have not been tried on humans yet, hence the only defense with this virus is treatment.

If you go to the public place, put a mask on your face, while buying fruits and vegetables left out of the fruit juice, see if it is eaten or cut from anything.
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