Kim Jong agreed to meet Trump on DMZ CNN

Kim Jong agreed to meet Trump on DMZ: CNN

Kim Jong agreed to meet Trump on DMZ: CNN
Kim Jong agreed to meet Trump on DMZ: CNN


North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong has agreed to meet the United States President Donald Trump, a non-resident area (DMZ). DMZ splits the two Korean countries. Sources said on Monday that South Korean President Moon Joe had convinced Kim Jong to meet Trump in DMZ during the historic meeting of the border village Panamunjom on 27 April.

According to sources, there is a strong possibility that this meeting will be held at this site. The source told CNN that the meeting place for both the leaders has a lot of significance for Kim Jong. A senior US official told CNN that the Trump has been talking about meeting in DMZ and that he raised it in a conversation with Moon on Sunday. The idea of ​​meeting DMZ in this regard is not entirely shocking Was there.

Trump told reporters on Monday that he was excited about the idea of ​​meeting in the DZZ. He said, 'I like it, if things are positive then there will be a big celebration, not in any third country.'
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