Jinnah had three marriages, read the third Begum's letter

Jinnah had three marriages, read the third Begum's letter

Aligarh . Although the tornado may have been calm for the photo of AMU Jinnah, but the new bandhheda has emerged as Jinnah's third begum. A letter from Gandhi Eye Hospital here has been signed in the name of 'Wife of Jinnah' in the year 1944. Begum's name is not written in it. This thing became public on Saturday, when the new DM reached the inspection here.
Jinnah had three marriages, read the third Begum's letter
Jinnah had three marriages, read the third Begum's letter

Hospital management claims that Jinnah's wife had come here in 1944, when she gave the letter. The question is, was it Jinnah the third wife? Because, Jinnah's first wife Imeebai Jinnah's 1893 and second wife Rattanbai (Mary) Jinnah had a wait in 1929. When Chandramohan Singh, chairman of Gadhi Eye Hospital Trust, reached the hospital on Saturday, the secretary appeared in the file of the prestigious visitors. It was also a letter from Muhammad Ali Jinnah's wife with many celebrities like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Govind Ballabh Pant, Prithvi Rajkapura. The letter in the file was shown to the DM as well.

Know what is written in the letter

This letter is written in Urdu. It has been written - Today I was very happy to see Dr. Mohanlal Sahab's eye hospital. Eye light is the greatest gift for a human being. Those who are struggling to treat eye like Dr. Mohan Lal, they are capable of praise for the country. I hope the construction of this hospital will be perfect. Doctor will succeed in his intentions.

Instead of the signature, 'Begum Muhammad Ali Wife of Mohammad Ali Jinnah' is written. The letter is written 17.12.1944 in the letter. On the question of Jinnah's wife, the DM said that all the people of the country have come here. They are from anywhere. He has praised the hospital. I am feeling proud of being the Chairman of the Trust. DM said that this hospital is a heritage, it has to move forward.

Madhu Lahiri, medical superintendent of Gandhi Eye Hospital, says that Jinnah's wife had come to the hospital before independence. Only then, he had written a long talk in the Visitors Book of Hospital. Many other celebrities have also written in it. These are our historical heritage. There are names of buildings, roads and hospitals in the name of the British, which have not been changed yet.

BJP MPs say, I will not say anything on Jinnah today BJP MP Satish Gautam, who questioned Jinnah's picture in the AMU, refused to comment on keeping Jinnah's alleged wife's letter as historic. He said, 'I will not say anything on Jinnah today.' When he was asked if he would write to the hospital to remove the letter? The MPs were cut off on this.

Prior to this, there was a flurry of questions from the media about the media. He was asked that even 28 days later, AMU Vice Chancellor did not reply to Jinnah letter, will you write another letter? What will you do to remove Jinnah's picture? Why raised this issue? The MPs continued to repeat, today only after four years of government will say something. I will not speak on Jinnah. '
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