China will never want to be one, North and South Korea, it is in its loss

It is a matter of great concern for the resumption of the dialogue between North Korea and the US. The concern was that because of a lot of time and stress, the time had come when the US and North Korea agreed to negotiate. There was a lot of talk about Kim Jong's statement about military exercises before the talks, and on the other hand the mention of the Gaddafi model by the American NSA on the other side. Although the US has expressed its hopes for a resumption of dialogue in the future, it will still have a question mark. North Korea was moving forward enough to negotiate with America. He also took the opinion of China before speaking further about this. Even US President Donald Trump had a tweet about the rhetoric made by Kim. But there is no doubt that China has a lot of significance for North Korea. There is a lot to be of North Korea for China too. On this whole issue, Harsh V. Pant, Professor of Foreign Affairs, Knowledgeable Observer Research Foundation, spoke to Dainik Jagran.
China will never want to be one, North and South Korea, it is in its loss
China will never want to be one, North and South Korea, it is in its loss

On being asked, what will be the impact of the delay of this dialogue, Professor Pant said that at the moment, its effect will be visible after a long time. According to him, even after the negotiations are over, North Korea will not again test nuclear. If there is talk of long time, it will not be right for South Korea and Japan. They say that once the negotiations are over, once again the atmosphere of conflict can start between these countries, which also have to bear the brunt of this. According to him, the biggest problem is due to South Korea due to that the president of South Korea had made a campaign that peace will be established in the Korean Peninsula through North Korea and the US talks. There is a shock to them because of the delay in the talks. At the same time, if North Korea does a nuclear test in the near future, which is less likely, it would be very interesting to see what the US has to do to stop it.

America to withdraw from talks

Professor Pant believes that the Trump administration does not take any action by thinking very carefully. According to him, he had agreed to this conversation all of a sudden and after all the preparations, suddenly left behind. They said that in fact, America wanted to tell the world through a dialogue with North Korea that their pressures were under way, thanks to which Kim agreed to the dialogue. They even started doing this. In the past, Trump himself also had some tweets about talks with North Korea. But their dice turned upside down and North Korea completely rejected them. At the same time, another major reason for the withdrawal was that there was no clear policy for North Korea. Professor Pant believes that no one can threaten one another by talking about negotiation on one side, as did American National Security Adviser John Burden. Significantly, Burden had mentioned the Gaddafi model by threatening Kim. Because of this statement, North Korea was unhappy with the talks. It all says that regardless of the thought that the United States took steps on the negotiation, took it back without consideration.

China's role will work here

When asked if South Korea could convince Kim on this issue to avoid negotiation, then Professor Pant said that China's role here would be huge. That's because China itself wants peace in the Korean Peninsula. However, Pant also believes that China would never want that North Korea and South Korea emerge as a country. There is no interest in it. So he wants that these two countries of the Korean Peninsula should never be one. The loss of China is one of them. This is because South Korea is a pro-American country and is quite developed compared to other countries. In such a situation, if both of these countries are united, their strength will increase and the headache of China will also increase. It should not be forgotten here also that both China and North Korea support each other. In such a situation, if these two countries are one, then China will lose one of its supporters. So he will not allow them to be one.

China's role in talks

It should not be forgotten here that North Korea had the same intention from the beginning that he had talks with America. Although the purpose of South Korea may be peace from North Korea, Kim's motive was the second from the beginning. In such a case, South Korea also has to change its policy. In such a situation, the US, who has talked about talking again, has to make its policy clear that if he talks of making North Korea a nuclear weapon free nation, then what will be his policy for him. The reason for this is that Kim is not going to agree on the words that Burden has mentioned. When asked if there was any dialogue in the days to come, would China want to give China a big role on the table of talks, then they would have said that no. it's not going to happen. He believes that America definitely wants China to prepare Kim for talks, but he would never want to give China a bigger role. At the same time, North Korea may want China to be on the table of talks with him, because he is his biggest supporting country. But it is very important for America to agree
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