Israel and Iran's Battle Three Big Questions

Israel and Iran's Battle: Three Big Questions

After the bombing of Israel on Iranian bases in Syria, the fears have increased that the situation can worsen ever between two old enemies.

What is happening between Israel and Iran has its own history.

Why and how these conditions became, the BBC has tried to explain it to its readers through three questions.
Israel and Iran's Battle Three Big Questions
Israel and Iran's Battle Three Big Questions

Is Israel and Iran the enemy country?

In 1979, the Iranian Revolution gave fundamentalists the chance to come to power, and since then Iranian leaders have been talking about eradication of Israel.

Iran does not accept the existence of Israel and says that Israel has illegally occupied the land of the Muslims.

On the other hand, Israel also sees Iran as a danger. He has always said that Iran should not have nuclear weapons.

The rising influence of Iran in the Middle East also raises concerns about Israel's leaders.

Israel-Iran dispute with Syria what to take?

Since 2011, there has been a situation of war in Syria and Israel has been watching it with restlessness.

Israel maintained distance from the ongoing conflict between the government of Bashar al-Assad and the rebel fighters who protested against it in Syria.

But, in Syria, Iran Bashar supports Al Assad's rule. He is helping Bashar al-Assad in the fight of the rebels.

Iran has sent thousands of fighters and military advisers there.

Israel is also concerned about the fact that Iran is giving arms to the rebels in a quiet manner in Lebanon.

Lebanon is the neighbor country of Israel, which makes him feel threatened.

Israel has repeatedly said that it will not allow Iran to build a military base in Syria, which can be used against them.

Therefore, as Iran's presence is increasing in Syria, the Israeli attacks on Iranian bases are also getting faster.

Is there ever war between Iran and Israel?

No. But Iran has long supported those factions who target Israel. Like Hezbollah and the Palestinian extremist organization Hamas.

If there was a fight between the two countries, then it would be a cause of waste on both sides for both sides.

Iran has a large number of capable missiles capable of long range and its associates, who are heavily armed with Israel's borders on the outskirts of Israel,

Israel also has a strong army and it is believed that it also has nuclear weapons. Israel also has tremendous support from the United Nations.
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