Iran Nuclear Weapons Trump Praises Israel

Iran nuclear weapons: Trump praises Israel

Iran Nuclear Weapons Trump Praises Israel
Iran Nuclear Weapons Trump Praises Israel


US President Donald Trump has praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for revealing Iran's nuclear program. Trump said that Netanyahu's presentation of the evidence proves that the trump is '100 percent correct' about Iran. He said that he had seen some part of the presentation given by Netanyahu and it was 'good'. Trump said that Iran's behavior is not acceptable. Pointing to missile tests, he said that Iran is not silent.

At the moment, Trump has dismissed that the US will lose 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Trump said that the United States did not get anything in exchange for the relief given to the Iran sanctions under the agreement.

Significantly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has new evidence for the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Israeli Prime Minister, who repeatedly sought to amend or repeal the nuclear deal between global powers and the main enemy of his country, gave a live presentation through video and slides while exposing Iran's nuclear dossier on television.

He said that Israel has received thousands of files a few weeks ago, which is a great intelligence achievement. They said, "We are going to disclose new and decisive evidence of the secret nuclear weapons program, which Iran has kept hidden from the international community for years in its secret nuclear archive." He claimed that the 2015 nuclear deal does not have any barrier to Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.
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