India, Sri Lanka Files Among 195 Files Destroyed In Uk

UK destroyed files related to India-Sri Lanka relations

The UK Forward and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has destroyed about 195 files, including those documents which are linked to the relations between Sri Lanka and India during the civil war, under the leadership of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Researchers and archivists are concerned about this move by Britain.
 India, Sri Lanka Files Among 195 Files Destroyed In Uk
 India, Sri Lanka Files Among 195 Files Destroyed In Uk

The FCO says that any decision to destroy files is taken on the basis of the country's record policy, but experts believe that the destruction of files means that there will be no record of any important round of history. It is believed that during the LTTE crisis between 1978 and 1980, the UK's MI5 and Secret Air Service (SAS) had advised Sri Lanka's security forces.

Find out that files are missing

Journalist and researcher Phil Miller sought information on 'Freedom of Information Requests', after which it was discovered that these files are missing. He said, "Two of the documents deleted were Sri Lanka / India Relations" and it is between 1979 and 1980. "It is believed that these documents contain information about India's relations with Sri Lanka, There is also information related to the work of India's Peace Keeping Force during that time.

Vermamtu Varadkumar, founder of Tamil Information Center, said, "Deleting or destroying historical records from public archives of the National Archives is an illegal act and has hurt everybody by it." He said, "It seems that The step has been taken to hide the role of SAS and MI5 in consulting Sri Lankan security forces because of its disclosure The Government is likely to become the embarrassment of the situation. "
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