India the Fastest Growing Economy of Nxt Decade will Leave America and China Behind Howard

India, the fastest growing economy of next decade, will leave America and China behind: Howard

will leave America and China behind: Howard
                        will leave America and China behind: Howard

New York
, Reuters India is going to be the fastest growing economy of the next decade. The Howard University report says that the country's growth rate will be 7.9 a year, and this country will grow faster than the US and China. In 2026, China's growth rate was estimated at 4.9 and France's 3.5% and the US would be three percent.

American University's Center for International Development, in its report, however, also said that India has achieved success in removing many flaws in the economy, but still there is still work to be done on many fronts. Uganda is the number after India. The report says that this small country is also moving fast forward on the economic front. India has also been considered as the top of the report of the Complexity Opportunity Index (COI). India has demonstrated its potential in the field of exports. New articles are being written on issues related to the products.

The report of the COI index also means that there are many areas in India where there is still work to be done. This will not only increase the rate of growth but also jobs in large numbers. India has not been able to overcome the flaws in the economy during the last decade, due to which the sector remained untouched, but the improvement in the last few years has created the possibility of an economy growing rapidly. The report says that the export of new chemicals, vehicles and electronics goods is limited to certain areas of the sub-continent. Ricardo Hausman, chief of the Director of CID, a professor at Howard Kennedy School and Atlas Economy, says that Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are also moving forward rapidly.
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