Former US prisoner said, speed of freedom in North Korea

Former US prisoner said, speed of freedom in North Korea

Former US prisoner said, speed of freedom in North Korea
Former US prisoner said, speed of freedom in North Korea

Exceptional acceleration in the release of American nationals closed in North Korea prisons can be found. Prior to the upcoming meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, there are reports that people detained have been shifted from labor camp to a hotel near Pyongyang, which triggered speculation about their independence. Are there.

Former prisoners often say that after months and years of hardship, he found himself in the American plane and he was told that he is going home. "I was not aware of my release until the last time," said American citizen Kenneth Baay, who was held for the longest time in North Korea. I was in the hospital and I was being taken to the hotel. '

In 2014, her independence was reported and the US delegation visited her and she was taken out of North Korea within 30 minutes. He arrived in his home in Seattle 24 hours, where his family was waiting. Kenneth explains that 30 guards were keeping an eye on him in two years of imprisonment.

It is notable that after the end of Korea war, North Korea hosted 17 American citizens, most of them came here due to humanitarian causes. Former prisoners say that they were cut off from the world and the time was stopped like that. Former prisoners include tourists to journalists. They say that they were questioned for hours and they were given mental torture. Some of them say that due to isolation, they started thinking about suicide.

Tell us that America, with North Korea, seeks release of its citizens in every deal, which Pyongyang has confined because of its reasons. An official said that sometimes the release is done by the US State Department and sometimes the American Intelligence Department. They said, 'They do not just keep them. They keep them for one reason and release them for one reason. ' The reason for release at this time is the upcoming meeting.
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