Sonic attack fears American officer's 'brainwash' by 'abnormal voice' in China

Chidanand Rajghatta, Washington

There is a new form of hostility and war in the world. An American officer complained of brain injury after hearing abnormal voice in China. On Tuesday, the Trump Administration issued a warning to its citizens about this report. This case reminiscent of the mysterious 'Sonic Attacks' on American diplomats in Cuba, after which many US officials were recalled to their country. These officers gave information about problems related to hearing, dizziness and vision related complaints. Embassy spokesman Genie Lee said that China and US officials are investigating the matter after a minor injuries in the brain of the employee.
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US officials say that information from another such case from China is not yet known. He said, "The US government is taking these cases seriously and giving information about this problem to our officials in China." It is being told that American employees were working in Guangzhou, South China. In an email sent to the American citizens living in China, the US Embassy said that it is not aware of the unusual situation or any other situation like this in the country.

It is worth mentioning that last year the US had disclosed that 24 diplomats and their family members working in Cuba are in the grip of a mysterious disease of the brain. It was a strange disease for 10 Canadian diplomats and their families. An American official at the US Embassy in Payeech said on condition of anonymity, "We can not add this to Havana incident at this time, but we are investigating all the possibilities." The embassy's Health Alert said that the Embassy staff had recently felt the feeling of fast and vague but unusual sound and pressure. "The message said," The US government is taking it seriously and has given its information to its official staff in China. "

The message released from the Embassy said, "If you feel any strange sounds or pressure during your stay in China, instead of knowing the reason for that sound, first place to go to such a place where there is no sound. Also contact the nearest doctor. '
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