11 Men's Begum 'stoned to death Somalia

Somalia: '11 Men's Begum 'stoned to death

This is the case of Somalia where a woman's stone was beaten and killed. The woman was accused of having many marriages without divorce.

The court of the extremist organization 'Al Shabab' has decided to sentence Somalia's woman to punishment.

Shukri Abdullahahi Warsem was accused of marrying 11 times for a divorce without divorcing.

People from Sablal town told that the fighters of 'Al Shabab' killed the woman in the ground and then they were killed till she died.

The extremist organization 'Al Shabab' occupies a large part of Somalia and strictly enforces Sharia law of Islam there.

The central government is ruled by the ruling Mogadishu and the fighters of 'Al-Shabab' continue to commit suicidal attacks to remove it from power.

Al-Shabab's governor Mohammad Abu Usma told Reuters, "Shukri Abdullah and his nine husbands were brought to the court, including their legal husband, and all told the woman as his wife," Sab-el-Shabab's governor Mohammed Abu Usma told Reuters.

Divorce in Somalia

11 Men's Begum 'stoned to death
11 Men's Begum 'stoned to death

According to Islamic law, keeping a woman more than one husband is unlawful but one man is allowed to keep up to four wives.

Divorce can be given on both sides. Husband can live separately from his wife, but the woman has to get husband's permission.

If he refuses, he can go to his religious court and accept it.

Al-Shabab-backed a news website says when she was brought to the Soble Court, the woman's health was correct and she was found guilty of all charges.

Maulid Haji Abdi of the BBC Somali service says that divorce is common in Somalia, but this case is uncommon.

Al Shabab strictly applies to Sharia law in areas under its control.

Those who do not believe in it, they give corporal punishment, cutting off the hands of the thieves and killing the woman who is accused of adultery.
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