Why India, US or Russia support the Syrian missile attack so far

Why India, US or Russia support the Syrian missile attack so far

Why India, US or Russia support the Syrian missile attack so far
Why India, US or Russia support the Syrian missile attack so far

Since the United States and its allies' attacks on Syria, there are two factions in countries around the world. Countries such as the United States, Britain, France that are attacking Syria are in support of this attack, then countries such as Russia, China, Iran have opposed this attack. After the globalization of two world wars, India, which has shown the way to the world's third faction i.e. non-alignment, is now away from this dispute.

Sushma and Modi made the distance

India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj's Twitter page did not get any response to the Syrian attack on Saturday. They did last tweet on 13th April. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also keen on determining the foreign policy of India, having a leading role in it and wishing to congratulate the country's top foreign leaders, also kept distance from this international conflict. He made a tweet that praised Ambedkar Jayanti, Baisakhi and Indian players who won medal in Commonwealth Games all day on Saturday.

Silence on attacks, but peace appeals

A foreign ministry spokesman has said that India is closely monitoring this matter. He said, if chemical weapons were used in Syria then it is condemnable. We demand its fair investigation and by then all parties should maintain peace. This matter should be resolved by negotiation. In this case, international law and UN charter should be followed. The end of the suffering of the Syrian people should be soon.

India's agenda has changed

India's agenda at the present time, like the post-World War II era, the world does not have to give a slogan to the non-alignment of the world or to make peace of the world. Nor, at this time in the Indian leadership, there is a desire to become the leader of these countries by uniting all the nations behind them. India has different reasons for staying away from this dispute. India is the world's largest arms importer at this time. Because of this, he has friendship with America, Britain, France, Israel as well as Russia. Not only that, now he sees himself as a weapon exporting country and has even started supplying arms to small countries in South Asia.

There is difference between then and now in India

Russia was one of the closest countries of India when the unity was united. India is closer to the US at this time. The warmth of relations between Indo-US is recorded since the 1990s i.e. the period of liberalization. It is not that today India has endorsed Russia, but with the US strengthening business, diplomatic and defense relations, its partnership with Russia has gone in the later part. Whereas, after the Second World War, there was a blueprint for India's five-year plans, the policy of balanced industrialization, or any other step towards the formation of the country of then Indian leadership, he would have looked more close to Russia.

India can not afford to buy Indian resentment

India can not afford the risk of annoying America. If tension increases in these countries, then India's situation is not such that it is the role of the messenger of peace while interrupting. Yes, like in other countries like Jung, he may have to bear the consequences of the loss to the international market. In such a situation, India favors to resolve this dispute through the United Nations.

What is Syrian reaction on the attack

However, Syrian ambassador to India Dr Riyad Abbas said that the American attack is not serious. In a special conversation with INDIA TODAY, he said that this was a small attack and the army of his country is capable of dealing with this attack. He said that he believes in the support of his allies, but now Syria has not sought any help from any country. He also took the name of BRICS countries along with Russia in his allies, including India. He said that on Saturday 150 US missiles attacked Damascus, but it did not cause much damage. He said that after taking action against the Syrian insurgents, he is accused of a chemical attack.

Both groups are face-to-face

The US and its allies argue that the missile attacks on Syria have been the answer to chemical attacks last week in Syria. At the same time, in this case, Syria, China and Russia have described these attacks as a serious violation of international laws. Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the actions of inciting air strikes in America and its friends. Russia and Iran have warned of the outcome of the attack. At the same time, Trump has said after the missile attack that his mission has been completed. France has also released a video of its Raphael aircraft after this attack and promoted its firepower. The UK has also said that its missile attacks have been successful. Germany, Israel, Canada, Turkey, and the European Union have justified these attacks. The United Nations has appealed to both groups to make restraint.
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