What is smog and how harmful it is to us

What is smog and how harmful it is to us

Smog is made up of two words i.e. smoke (fog) and fog, which is also known in fog or haze as it is found in fumes or soot particles or with different gases with dust and water vapor The mixture of which is present in the fog, due to which it is also difficult to breathe, is also described in this form. It is a yellow or black fog which is composed of a mixture of air pollution, mainly containing nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and some other organic compounds that combine with sunlight to form ozone.
What is smog and how harmful it is to us
What is smog and how harmful it is to us

In some cities, such as in Delhi, the mogu is increasing rapidly and in the last 17 years there has been a dangerous situation which is being known as a health emergency. The level of atmospheric pollution of Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Tehran, etc. is that it is increasing pollution near the ground. Due to smoking in Delhi Visibility spoils, and children are given priority to stay indoors as it is extremely toxic for humans and can cause serious illness, even the cause of death It is possible. Let's look at the sources of what is the reason for smog, how it affects our health and how it is formed; What are the precautions you can take to avoid the smog, also know about it-

The sources of the haze are: vehicle, construction, open-air waste, incinerators, factories, lawnmowers, coal-based power generation stations, diesel and petrol vehicles, solvents, cleaners and oil paint, insecticides and pollutant winds. Through which emission of smog occurs.

Do you know how to read the name of smog

The term was first used in London in the early 1900s, in which it was said that Smoke is made up of smoke and fog that overlays the entire city. According to various sources, this term was first given by Dr. Henry Antoine des Voeux in July 1905 during the meeting of the Public Health Congress in his paper fog and smoke. He had told that there is a mixture of smoke, smoke and slipper dioxide.

Before going deep into, let's know what is ozone (O3)
Naturally, ozone is the colorless, odorless gas in the stratosphere layer present in the upper elevation of the Earth, which protects us from UV rays such as solar radiation (UV rays) and acts like a sheet. On the other hand, at the grassroot level, ozone is basically due to some weather conditions or heat inversion, it acts as an important ingredient in the smog, resulting in eye irritation, respiratory distress etc. This is not only harmful to humans, but also equally harmful for plants, animals and man made materials.

Who is made of Smog

We can say that smog is purely due to air pollution. When fuel burns, atmospheric pollutants or gases react with sunlight in the air and its heat in the atmosphere, which makes smog. And also due to complex chemical reactions between VOC, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are also known as pioneers.

During the winter, due to heavy traffic, high temperature etc., the level of pollution increases in the atmosphere, and the wind speed is low, it stabilizes the smoke and the haze into one place and makes the people near the earth where people are breathing But increases pollution more. This visibility is disrupted and the environment also disrupts it.

How Moga Affects Our Health

Smoke is not only for humans but it is harmful to plants, animals and whole nature. When it comes to grip, it can cause various health problems:

Asthma symptoms get worse and asthma attacks are also possible.

- Heart disease (heart). Many people are dying due to bronchial disease.

- The natural element Vitamin D produces less, which promotes rickets among people.

- Chest burns, cough, cancer or infection, throat cancer and pneumonia.

- Increase in many diseases like respiratory problems, pain in breathing, eye irritation and lung cancer.

- Feeling abnormally tired, headache, low energy, panic

- It also causes heavy damage to crops and forests. Vegetables and crops, mainly soya beans, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts and cotton are exposed to smog when they are exposed to infection.

It also affects the different animal species and green life.

Who are at the highest risk (Who are at risk)
Although smog affects every one of us, but it is particularly harmful:

- Children: The lungs of the children are still developing and during the summer they spend too much time out playing in such a way that they are at risk of being affected by more pollution during breathing.

People who suffer from asthma problems such as lung disease etc.

- People who have heart problems. Diabetic patients also are more sensitive to the possibility of getting heart disease.

- High risk to senior citizens is not only because of their age but also because of their weakened heart, lungs and immune system.

- People affected by allergies, pregnant women and smokers also need to be careful.

Now the question arises, how can we protect ourselves from the crime
- It is important that the family and others be informed about the EPA (Environment Protection Agency Report) on the Air Quality Index (AQI) (EPA (Environment Protection Agency report), which usually results in the pollutant standard index i.e. Keep an eye on the ozone level in the area and watch the ozone level wherever you are traveling.

- To check the level of ozone in a particular area; National, state, and local agencies have air tools that observe the level of ozone and tell about the negative effects of smoke that fall on health.

- According to the AuI report, the level of air is kept between zero to 300. Level above 150 is considered to be unhealthy for anybody and the level above 200 is said to be completely unhealthy. And these levels of risk correspond to the red and purple colors on the index.

When ozone levels are high, then these precautions will help us to survive properly-
- Minimize activities outside your home i.e., go down.

- Keep your activities normal on smoggy days, i.e. run or cycling, reduce jogging, so that breathing problems can be relieved.

Avoid using gas-powered engines, insecticides, and oil-based paints.

- Stay hydrated.

- Exercise indoors in a smoking-free, air-conditioned environment.

- Reduce driving.

These precautions will help you to stay healthy in the city.
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