Understand What is The H 4 Visa The Effect Of The Trump Administration Will Have To Eliminate it

Understand what is the H-4 visa, the effect of the trump administration will have to eliminate it

Understand What is The H-4 Visa, The Effect Of The Trump Administration Will Have To Eliminate it
Understand What is The H-4 Visa, The Effect Of The Trump Administration Will Have To Eliminate it

Washington (agency). The H-4 visa permits the work permit abroad for the spouse whose partners have not been identified for permanent reasons for permanent residence or they are taking a decade or more in this work. Many come from outside countries in the US to do many such things. Now the news is coming that the Trump administration is going to end this provision. This provision was started in Barack Obama's era.

The Donald Trump Administration is going to cancel the work permit of H-4 visa holders. It is being told that most of the people coming to this effect are Indians and most of them are women. In this regard, formal announcement will be made in this summer. US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Francis Kisna has written to Senator Chuck Grassley in this regard.

What will happen

If the provision of the Obama era is over, then it is in danger of canceling work permit for 71,000 H-4 visa holders. According to a recent study, 94 per cent of women in H-4 visa holders are women, mostly Indians, while 4 per cent of them are sugar.

What H-4 Visas and H-1 Visas

The H-4 visa is a work permit issued by the previous Obama administration to the spouse of H-1B visa holders under special order. Whereas H-1B is a non-immigrant visa given under section 101 (15) of the Immigration and Nationality Act in the United States. This visa allows US companies to temporarily employ foreign workers in various professions. According to the existing US law, a maximum of 65,000 foreign nationals can be given H-1B visas in a financial year.

More than 00,000 H-4 visa holders have been the beneficiaries of this rule till date. Indian IT giants like TCS, Infosys and Wipro are among the main beneficiaries of this program because they receive thousands of special skills each year with special skills under this rule.

Without the H-4 work authorization rule, high skilled employees (spouse) with H-1B visas will be unable to work legally. The representatives of the American IT industry, including influential MPs and Facebook, have opposed the proposed Trump Administration's plan to withdraw work permits for H-4 visa holders, who are husband of H-1B visa holders.

Hard stand on H-1B visa, and now H-4

In a letter to Homeland Security secretary Kirsten Nelson, MPs argued that the H-4 rule made during the Obama-era has reduced the burden on thousands of H-1B recipients and their families.
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