UK Home Minister resigns in case of immigration scam

UK Home Minister resigns in case of immigration scam

UK Home Minister resigns in case of immigration scam

Britain's Home Minister Amber Rudd resigned today accepting the fact that the "unknowingly misled" parliament was about the reality of the evacuation targets of the expatriates. Ambar's resignation is being considered as a major setback for Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the case of the removal of the first 'Caribbean Wind' Generation of Caribbean immigrants who reached Britain after the Second World War, Amber had questioned the Home Secretary's Select Committee (Select Committee) last week.

Amber (54) was pressing for the resignation of the scam. This matter was related to the Caribbean immigrants who were brought to Britain by the so-called 'Windrush Generation' of the 1940s.

Amber was criticized about the UK's home ministry's exile goals and his information about it.

Amber gave the information of his decision on the resignation to the Prime Minister on the telephone. However, in an official letter, he wrote, "I am resigning from the post of Home Minister, very sorry".

Ambar said, "I understand that it is necessary to do this because I have misinterpreted them inadvertently in the matter of removing illegal migrants during the interrogation of the Selection Committee of the Home Ministry on the windshaw issue"

May confirmed Ambar's resignation and said, 'I can understand why Ambar has resigned'. He also said that he was very sad after he resigned.

A spokesman for Downing Street said, "The Prime Minister (Theresa May) has accepted the resignation of the Home Minister"

In recent times, Amber and Maine have apologized several times with 'Windrish Generation' and have said that all British expatriates who have not got UK citizenship before 1973, will get it and those who are affected will get compensation. .
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