Trump Reduces Hurdles For Sale Of Military Drones To Allies India Will Benefit

Military drone purchase will be easy, with the new policy of Trump, India will benefit

Trump Reduces Hurdles For Sale Of Military Drones To Allies
Trump Reduces Hurdles For Sale Of Military Drones To Allies


President Trump has said in his new policy to extend arms sales abroad
Allies of allies asked to simplify purchase of advanced drones
This move of America can be quite beneficial for countries like India
This step taken by the US to reduce the impact of China and Russia in the defense sector

US President Donald Trump has ordered government agencies to expand arms sales in foreign countries. It tells about the export of advanced drones to allied forces. This information has been revealed by the White House. Such steps can be very beneficial for countries like India.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump has also said that the new administrative policy for the export of unmanned Aerial systems made in the US has also been made. This step can prove to be very beneficial for countries like India. Being a big defense partner, India is planning to buy ammunition and surveillance drones from the US.

The Indian Army has demanded 400 drones in the next 10 years, including the Combat and Submarin-powered remote piloted aircraft, along with the high-energy laser and high power microwaveable energy weapons. These weapons are very effective in destroying any enemy targets and satellites.

In the new 'Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap 2018' of the Ministry of Defense, many military capabilities have been said to provide information about the country's aggressive and defensive military requirements till 2020.

Sanders said on Thursday that President Trump has signed a National Security Presidency Memorandum, in which the new Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) policy has been approved. The new CAT policy reflects their priorities in the Presidential National Security Strategy, under which all U.S. government agencies will review and evaluate the transfer of proposed weapons and will allow commercial companies to sell commercial defense by US companies.

Sanders said, "These new policies will strengthen American colleagues and stakeholders. Apart from this, the opportunities for the Americans will expand and further the joint security interests. In this policy, the President has shown his commitment.

Talking about the creation of the most effective defense systems in the world, Sanders said, "These announcements make a government-wide initiative to strengthen our partners, support and support the defense industrial base and to run US job creation and innovation. The link is an important step. '

The President's Advisor Peter Nevaro, on the Trade and Manufacturing Policy, told reporters that by increasing access to American weapons of associates and partners, not only will the dependence on China diminish, but there will also be restrictions on the Russian system, against the American rivals. The restriction is in line with the Act.

He said that America is at the forefront of UAS Technologies. At the same time, strategic rivals like China are marketing themselves aggressively. It is likely to have an international market of $ 50 billion in the next 10 years.
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