These Are The Weapons The America Uk And France Used To Target Syria

US, France and Britain used the use of these antarctic weapons to attack Syria

These Are The Weapons The America Uk And France Used To Target Syria
These Are The Weapons The America Uk And France Used To Target Syria

French President shared the video of Raphael Jet
Tornado Jets used to attack Syrian on behalf of Britain
America has also used missile cruise with the Tom Hock missile
All these weapons are equipped with modern technology and able to kill far

Washington, paris
After 'chemical attack' in Syria, the United States, France and Britain have begun large military operations against the Syrian government. The three countries have used some state-of-the-art weapons in this attack. Missiles and jets attacked in Syria with possible missiles in targets far away in the air. According to reports printed in CNN, the B-1 bombers, the warship with the Tornado jets were also used in this attack. Learn what weapons and missile experiments used to teach a lesson to Syria.
Missiles shot from Tornado Jets
The UK Ministry of Defense told that four missiles were torched from four Tornado jets. In addition to this, France's Ministry of Defense has released video footage of the missile firing from Rafal Fighter Plains. Tornado jets capable of being able to bear 400 kg weight can aim at a distance of 400 kilometers from the target. This means that British tornado jets need not even enter the Syrian territories to demolish Syria's military bases.

B-1 attacks by bombers
Information provided by the US Department of Defense confirmed the use of B-1 bombers. However, no further information has been provided about this from the Ministry.

US missile cruise use
The U.S. Navy has clarified that the Navy's missile cruise has also been used for air strikes in Syria. A dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles were used for the attack along with the Arileg Brook class destroyer and Tikondurgo class cruisers. 2,500 km from all these cruise missiles Can be killed till the distance.

Rafael Jets of France
French President Immanuel Macroon spoke of the use of Raphael Jets in the Syrian attack on his official Twitter account. The importance of Rafael Jets is that they can kill in the air far away. Macros posted a video flying from the Airbus of France. These jets capable of hitting the distance of 250 miles are not required to withstand counter missile attacks from Syria.

Tomahawk cruise missile
The Tomahawk cruise missile was used by the U.S. government to attack Syria last year. The specialty of these missiles is that their targets can be changed during the war, and these missiles capable of flying at a low altitude can get the enemy's exact location.
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